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Ordering and Warranty Information

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Sales Policy
Good quality products at reasonable prices
with courteous responsive service.

GA-MA sells specialty laboratory items which generally have limited applications.

GA-MA sales policies are directed at providing these products at the most economical price
possible to small, as well as large, quantity users. Most products manufactured by GA-MA
are priced on a sliding price scale (i.e. lower prices for large volume purchases).

This pricing arrangement enables GA-MA to pass on the cost savings from mass production,
handling and shipping directly to the purchaser.

Disposable use application is the most cost-effective method of usage for organizations that
have large sample loads and/or cannot tolerate small amounts of contamination on container

In addition to GA-MAs sliding price scale, GA-MAs sales policies provide other key features.

Some of these features are:

1. Items purchased may be split between two or more laboratories if
purchased under one purchase order. There is no extra charge for
delivering to several locations within the same organization.

2. Time-sequenced deliveries within a 12-month period may be
requested for items purchased under one purchase order. There
is no extra charge for storage within a 12 month period.

3. Summation of different items purchased may be permitted
under certain circumstances for determining the bulk quantity under
a given purchase order.


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